EU programme Erasmus+ in University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Erasmus+ projects in UF


Full name: INTRuST: INnovative TRaining Solutions for certified wood in furniture, timber, building and foreSTry sectors

Project No: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000034723

Project duration: 01.01.2022 – 31.12.2023

More info: PDF-format [size 189 kB]


Full name: TreasureHunt: Treasure hunt in your neighbour’s backyard

Project No: 2021-1-SE01-KA220-VET-000024850

Project duration: 01.11.2021 – 31.10.2024

More info:: PDF-format [size 189 kB]


Full name: SOLAR: Integrated Food and Energy Systems for Climate Smart Agriculture

Project No: 2021-1-FR01-KA220-VET-000034605

Project duration: 01.11.2021 – 01.11.2023

More info: PDF-format [size 189 kB]


Full name: Vertical farming for youth in rural & urban communities (Verti4You)

Project No: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-YOU-000029554

Project duration: 01.02.2021 – 30.04.2024

More info: PDF-format [size 128 kB]


Full name: Enhancing practical skills of horticulture specialists to better address the demands of the European Green Deal (Hort4EUgreen)

Project No: 2020-1-RO01-KA203-080398

Project duration: 01.11.2020 – 31.10.2023

More info: PDF-format [size 127 kB]