EU programme Erasmus+ in University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Application for study mobility and realization of the mobility

How do I apply?

Erasmus+ days are organized at the beginning of each academic year in October, which aim to give the students who have already completed their mobility the opportunity to share their experience and introduce their colleagues to their journey. The conditions, documents, and deadlines are announced on the Erasmus office board, on the website of the Erasmus program. Applications are submitted to the corresponding dean's office.

Necessary documents for student selection when applying for study mobility.

  1. Information card (in Bulgarian)
  2. Document for your marks (from the dean's office)
  3. Language certificate

Stages of application

  1. Submission of an application for selection - at this stage, students are selected for mobility based on their marks, language skills and motivation
    • For mobilities for the summer semester until 20.10
    • For mobilities for the winter semester until 20.05
  2. Examining the documents by the committee and interviewing the candidates. Selection of students for mobilities. /The numbers of mobilities are limited and determined for each year and there is a possibility that not everyone who applies will be approved/

What happens after you are approved?

  1. Preparation of an individual study plan "Learning agreement for studies" with the help of the Faculty Program Coordinator
  2. Online registration at the foreign higher education institution - each of our partner universities has announced dates for registration
  3. Preparation of a financing contract between the students and UF and preparation of the other necessary documents - bank account, insurance, etc.
  4. Online language test on the OLS platform (obligatory before departure)
  5. Departure - at least one day before the beginning of the semester at the host university; the student is obliged to keep his ticket, boarding pass, or other.
  6. Return - at least one day after the end of the semester at the host university; the student is obliged to keep his ticket, boarding pass, or other.
  7. Student's report - within 7 days after the return, the student is obliged to submit reporting documents for his mobility to the institutional coordinator.
  8. Taking part at the Erasmus+ Days