EU programme Erasmus+ in University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria

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To incoming students

Since the beginning of the Erasmus Program, we have had incoming students from Germany, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, and the Slovak Republic. To be able to come and be Erasmus student at the University of Forestry (FU) in Sofia, you have to contact the Erasmus coordinator of your university to check if there are any signed Inter-Institutional Agreements between your home university and the UF. If so, you can apply for a study period in your subject area. You have to submit an application to a selection procedure, and when you are selected you can prepare your mobility to Bulgaria. First thing, the contact person for your faculty should help you prepare the Learning Agreement for Studies. This should be done by first getting the Curricula from UF, choose out the courses for your Learning Agreement for Studies, and fill in your Learning Agreement for Studies; which, duly signed and stamped, is sent to us, together with an Application Form for Foreign Students. You must also send your Transcript of Records, in order to demonstrate your academic achievements up to this moment. Both documents you can find here. Accommodation and English tuition will be provided for you, and we shall be happy to welcome incoming students from our Program Country partner universities!