EU programme Erasmus+ in University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria

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The Erasmus Program is a Sector Program under the “Lifelong Learning” Program of the Direction General “Education” of the European Commission in Brussels.

This Program is the successor of the “Socrates” program, which expired in 2007. At the University of Forestry, the beginning was laid with the Tempus Program for international cooperation in the field of Higher education. Under Tempus, a project was developed and coordinated under the number S_JEP 12479-97 with the title Development of Furniture Design Education in the period of 1995-96. This project was coordinated by a team of teachers from the University of Forestry, together with teachers from Partner Higher Education Institutions. The application was submitted Jan. 30th, 1997. The financing was done under Tempus Program and covered activities such as development of the curriculum, of study materials and equipment for the new specialty “Engineering Design (Interior and Furniture Design)”. Two Computer Laboratories were equipped , textbooks were published, other teaching materials were produced. After the period of this project expired, we continued the cooperation with some of the partner HEI-s under Socrates, and today we are working under Lifelong Learning – Erasmus. The activities of organizing and implementing Student and Teacher mobilities under Erasmus are financed by the European Commission in Brussels. To this end, each academic year, the HEI-s that have signed the Erasmus University Charter apply and sign a contract with the National LLP Agency. The university of Forestry holds a Standart Erasmus Charter with the number 76946-IC-1-2007-1-BG-ERASMUS-EUC-1, for the period of 5 years, starting from 2007. For the academic year 2008-2009, was signed the Contract № 2008-ERA-MOB-15 between Human Resources Development Center (National LLP Agency) and the University of Forestry.


The basic activity under the Erasmus Program is student mobilities for study and teacher mobility for teaching.

From the year 2007, the activity “Intensive Programmes” was transferred toward National Erasmus Agencies, and financing was implemented by them. The students and teaching staff from UF participate in different Intensive Programmes, but have coordinated such activities twice, with participation of guests from abroad.

  • Student Mobility for Study
    Students that finished the first year of their study in their home country and continuing their education, including Doctoral Study, can implement a mobility for study for a period between 3 and 12 months in another European country.
  • Teacher Mobility for Teaching
    The Erasmus Program supports the mobility of teaching staff from Bulgarian Universities to European host Universities, that are holders of Erasmus University Charter. The aim of such a mobility is, on the one hand, to widen European dimension in teaching, and on the other, to give the opportunity to students that have not participated in mobilities, to get acquainted with innovative methods and approaches of teaching. This activity creates real conditions for elaborating of Joint Curricula, the exchange of teaching content and methods of teaching between partner institutions.